Special Needs

At Preston Trail, we know that Jesus is for everyone! Our Special Needs ministry is a flourishing community where we welcome those with disabilities into the greater church family, allowing them to experience the grace of God.
Young Man with Special Needs by Lego Wall
Our environments offer developmentally appropriate settings for kids, teens and young adults to learn how much God loves them. By partnering with parents, we strive to meet their unique spiritual, physical and social needs as we support their faith journeys.

New to Preston Trail? Please complete our Special Needs Welcome Application so we can learn how to best care for your family.

Purple Pinwheels Sensory Classroom

Boy with Special Needs in Classroom
Our Purple Pinwheels classroom is a safe, sensory-rich environment where our youngest learners thrive each week. These students receive support from trained volunteers who share the Bible story and guide hands-on activities and play. The small student-to-leader ratio in this room allows our littles to hear the word of God in a way that’s just right for them!

Purple Patio Structured Classroom

Pre-Teen-Adult with Special Need group
In Purple Patio, pre-teens through adults are welcomed into a small-group community that encourages them to learn more about Jesus, while receiving varied levels of care and support to best meet their needs. These students learn about the Bible, participate in activities, and enjoy free time with games, puzzles, art, and building. This structured classroom contains sensory support and our small student-to-leader ratio. Our thorough volunteer training equips us to handle any substantial needs your loved one may have.

The Porch

The Porch is a growing small group of young adults and teens that meets during the 11 a.m. service. This group is for those who are ready for more independence and deeper conversations as they build community and learn to love Jesus in their daily lives. They participate in on-site service projects and Bible study while enjoying free time together through games or music.

buddy Integration

It is our desire to support each child or student with special needs in the way that is best for them. For some, this means learning about Jesus and participating with their peers in our general age and grade-level small groups, with additional support from a trained and loving Buddy!

Connect with Us

We know that every child has unique gifts, talents and needs, and we want to partner together to offer the best environment and support possible. Please complete our Special Needs Welcome Application so that we can get to know you and begin a beautiful partnership to help your child find and follow Jesus.

Do you have a heart for serving this incredible population? Email specialneeds@prestontrail.org to answer God’s call today!