Equip Classes

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Equip is an educational discipleship program designed to help you understand and apply God’s Word, the Bible. It includes eight courses, each being six weeks long, over a two-year period. 
The courses, which focus on Scripture, theology, and spiritual formation, aim to help you to be a Christ-centered disciple in your home, your community, and your world.

Equip Classes Are:


Live and local, held from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Mondays at our Frisco campus


$25 per course plus books
(scholarships are available as needed)


Each topic and project is designed and distilled to present the most essential elements


Take selected courses or all ten without prerequisites or specific order


Six weeks rather than the traditional 8-12 week term


The Bible is our primary source for learning and application

Taught By Experienced Instructors

Each instructor possesses extensive education and experience in their area of expertise

Equip Course Listing

Intro to the Bible

Dive into this study of the origins, inspiration, and authority of Scripture, and learn the foundational elements of biblical study and interpretation.

Old Testament

Explore the overarching story of the Old Testament through its books of Law, History, Songs, and Wisdom as well as the major and minor prophets of ancient Israel.

New Testament: The Gospels

Discover what occurred during the 400 years between the testaments; then study the life and work of Jesus through the unique accounts of each Gospel.

New Testament: Acts, Letters, Revelation

Study the New Testament account of the birth and growth of the Church as well as the promises to come when Christ returns.

Christian Theology

Examine basic Christian beliefs including a detailed study of the Trinity, the human condition, salvation, the nature of the Church and the end of time.

The Sent Church

Get a panoramic view on evangelism (sharing the faith), apologetics (defending the faith), the philosophy of local and global missions as well as the distinctions of the world’s major religions.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Learn organizational leadership skills from the pages of Scripture as well as communication skills for teaching and preaching.

Spiritual Formation

Build a spiritual formation and a biblical basis for moral decision-making.