Help for your marriage

At Preston Trail, we THINK FAMILY. We believe in growing marriages and families that are built to last. For this reason, we offer several different ways to invest in your marriage. In addition to the items below, we also offer a marriage conference each year.


Whether your marriage is good and you want it to be great, or you are at rock-bottom and wonder if there is hope, ReEngage is a safe place for couples to grow in their marriage.

ReEngage has two sessions a year and meets weekly. Registration is required. 

Premarital Classes & Boot Camps

If you are engaged or newly married, we invite you to attend our boot camp or class, designed to equip you for an enjoyable and lasting marriage. You will be with other couples in a comfortable, small group setting. Each couple will take the PREPARE/ENRICH premarital assessment and then follow a customized 10-hour curriculum. The boot camp and class are led by certified marriage mentors, and focuses on helping you prepare for a healthy marriage relationship. We cover communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and more.
Support for Blended Families

Blended Families

Bringing together a blended stepfamily family is an exciting and challenging experience.  We're here to support your family journey as you navigate new step-parent and step-child relationships, work to align as a couple and build a thriving family system. Our classes and bootcamps tailored to your unique needs offer a faith-based approach to healthy blended family living.
Find a Wedding Officiant

Application for Officiant for Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! We’re so happy for you! If you would like for a pastor at Preston Trail to officiate your wedding, please complete the Wedding Application to get the process started.

Invest In Your Marriage

Looking for great marriage content in bite-sized pieces? Check out the "Invest In Your Marriage" playlist on our Preston Trail YouTube channel

Results from a 25-year follow-up study compared the divorce rate of couples who participated in a relationship education program and those who did not. The divorce rate of those who were educated (specifically with the speaker-listener technique) was 4-5% compared to 24-26% of those who were not.

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