Thank you for your interest in becoming a shepherding leader at Preston Trail. This is a very important leadership role in our church, and our hope is to provide you the clarity you need to prayerfully take this next step of service.

Shepherding leaders have the greatest influence on leading others to find and follow Jesus. As such, anyone who serves in a shepherding role naturally acts as a role model for those they lead.

Although we never "arrive" in our spiritual journey, a shepherding leader is consistently taking next steps in their relationship with Jesus. Take time to read through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and reflect on where you might be in your own spiritual journey.

A shepherding leader is one whose public and personal identities reflect what it means to be a Christ follower. Therefore, serving in this role is not only a commitment to lead others, but to also lead oneself well. To assist in this effort, we ask for a commitment toward ongoing accountability with their staff leader as shepherding leaders pursue a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ, led by Scripture.

If you have not already, please review this page to further explore Preston Trail’s doctrinal beliefs and DNA.