Home Groups for High Schoolers

Home groups are High School small groups that meet within homes across north Texas. There will be multiple options including location, time, and type of group (co-ed, girls, guys, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are host homes background checked? I want to know that my student will be safe.
Yes! All adults living in our host homes and small group leaders are background checked and child abuse safety trained to ensure the safety of all our students. Safety is a top priority for our ministry.
What if my student doesn’t feel connected to their Home Group? Can they switch groups?
Our hope is that students will be with the same home group all year. However, if they have a hard time connecting or would like to be in a different group, they can find a different group to register for.
Can they “test drive” different home groups/small group leaders?
Yes! We want students to find a group where they feel known, connected, and belong.
How will they join?
Students can join a home group through our group finder. They can see all our Home groups and select “Request to join.” The group leader will then reach out soon with a welcome and group info! 
Do they have to sign up prior to arriving at the host home or can they just show up?
Students should sign up prior to arriving at the host home. Even if you are trying out a group, you will need to register for a group in order to receive the address of the host home.
How long is a home group?
Home Groups will last approximately an hour and a half.
How do students choose what home group to sign up for?
Students will have the flexibility to choose how they want to be involved. Students will have an opportunity to choose a home group based on gender, location and day of the week.
Can students attend multiple groups?
We ask that students choose one group to be a part of and be committed to attending that group.
Will the kids be able to see other kids on the group finder so they know to sign up with their friends?
For privacy reasons, names of people involved are not publicly shown. We recognize the desire of students to be in groups with their friends and encourage them to figure out what groups they’re in so they can be in the same small group.

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