Thanks for Helping us Exceed our 2023 Go Fund Goal!

Last year we set our goal for the Go Fund at $1,000,000, and you blew us away with your generosity. To date, we have received over $1,110,000 to fund our ability to “go.” Based on your generous response, we have set the goal of raising $1.2 million for this year’s Go Fund. Through the Go Fund we intend to “Go” in three strategic ways:
Raise $318,500 to give to our 39 local community partners, empowering them to provide critical services to individuals and families in the North Texas area. These partners include organizations like:

Raise $399,500 to be used in two major ways:
  • Church plants:
    • Develop and fund the Collin County Church Planting Network, resulting in new church plants across North Texas
    • Continue our support for existing church plants across the U.S., including Redeemer Church in Wichita, KS, The Church We Hope For in Pasadena, CA and The Hills Community Church in San Diego, CA.
    • Support 11 new church plants in “hard to reach” cities in the U.S. through our partnership with the Strategic Launch Network.
  • “Go” Entrepreneur(s): A portion of the Go Fund will be used to empower individuals in our church family to live out our mandate to “go” by developing and funding ideas for new non-profit organizations and initiatives.

Raise $482,000 to deepen our ministry roots in Latin America and Africa through strategic partnerships, including:
  • Trailhead International: Area of focus includes global church planting and developing sports centers for at-risk youth
  • Compassion International: Area of focus includes support for the nearly 1,000 children in Nicaragua sponsored by Preston Trail families, and Child Survival Programs for new mothers and at-risk newborns
  • Casas por Cristo: Area of focus includes hosting trips to Latin America where Preston Trailers can work with pastors and build homes in their local communities.

*15% of the Go Fund will support our Go Team staff, who will be overseeing all our efforts to go by inspiring and mobilizing the body of Christ to go wherever He leads us.