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Preston Trail Groups exist to help you connect and grow! We believe life is meant to be lived in community, not alone. And the best way to be in community is to get connected in a group at Preston Trail. Groups help you develop relationships, grow spiritually and impact the world around you. Rooted is your first step to joining a group at Preston Trail. Rooted is offered three times a year with groups for Men, Women, Couples and Co-Eds.

Join A Rooted Group

Once you’ve completed Rooted, you may choose to continue your journey with your Rooted group or join another group at Preston Trail.

If you are a Rooted graduate and are not connected to a group, we would love to help you find one. Please contact us at groups@prestontrail.org for assistance.

Looking for a group or support while going through a difficult season? Check out our Care groups for more information.

Are you a Group Leader? Check out the Group Leader Resources for curriculum suggestions, training materials and Empower podcasts.