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About Us

The DNA of Preston Trail

At Preston Trail we have a very clear understanding of who we are as a church. Everything we do flows from our mission, helping people find and follow Jesus Christ, with the goal of becoming world-changing followers of Jesus.



To better understand the DNA which makes up Preston Trail, we recommend two message series: "Find & Follow” and “No Perfect People Allowed”

Series: Find & Follow Series: No Perfect People Allowed

Willow Creek AssociationPreston Trail Community Church is a member of the Willow Creek Association.

 The WCA is a not-for-profit ministry with more than 10,000 Member Churches from 90 denominations and 35 countries. They represent a wide variety of sizes, denominations and backgrounds, and are ministering in literally every corner of the world. As they pursue their own unique, God-given vision for ministry in their community, Member Churches confirm a shared commitment to Christ and a passion for reaching lost people.

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