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An introduction to Preston Trail

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Four identical services, Saturday at 4:30 & 6 p.m. and Sunday at 9:15 & 11 a.m.

How are we meant to follow Someone we can’t physically see or audibly hear—especially in a world that’s constantly pulling us in the opposite direction? Following Jesus isn’t merely a theoretical proposition or a spiritual ideal. It’s... Keep Reading

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From kids to adults, we invite everyone to explore Preston Trail at their own pace.




What to Expect

Common questions about Preston Trail

What do I need to know as a first-time guest?

We encourage you to come as you are and explore Preston Trail at your own pace. The dress is casual, the coffee is delicious and free, and we like to say there are no perfect people allowed.

Common Questions Answered
What's here for kids?

We offer excellent, age-appropriate programming for kids during our weekend services. It's our goal to partner with you in making the most of your influence, resourcing you to raise spiritual champions!

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What's here for teens?

Preston Trail Student Ministry (PTSM) is focused on helping students find and follow Jesus Christ. Middle school students are invited to join us in The Rail for THE WKND on Saturdays at 4:30 p.m. or Sundays at 9:15 & 11 a.m. We welcome high school students to be part of our weekend services in the Worship Center, then come to The Rail for HS NIGHTS on Sunday evenings for teaching, worship and small groups designed for their unique phase of life.

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What's here for adults?

We believe life happens in groups, so we have small groups available for men, women, couples, singles and young adults. Some groups meet on-site, while others meet in homes around the community. Rather than offering a "Sunday school" option, our small groups meet on various days and times throughout the week to fit your schedule.

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Is Preston Trail a "seeker" church?

If you mean one that waters down the message of the gospel, then definitely not. But if you mean a group of people who are dedicated to being like Jesus in giving up our preferences and comfort in order to share God’s grace in a way that allows people who are far from God to respond to it in a life-transforming way, then Preston Trail is definitely a seeker church!

About Us
How do you observe baptism and Communion?

We observe baptism and Communion in our services on a rotating, monthly basis, typically every third weekend. We baptize by immersion, following the example of Jesus and the early church. We welcome all who are believers to participate in Communion.

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Meet Our Team

The Preston Trail team represents a wide variety of gifts, skills and life experiences all unified in our passion to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. We invite you to learn more about our pastors, elders and staff.

Meet Our Team

About Us

At Preston Trail we have a very clear understanding of who we are as a church. This clarity comes from an awareness of our mission (what we're supposed to be doing), our values (the shared convictions that guide our decisions and reveal our strengths), our strategy (what we do to accomplish our mission) and our measures (how we know when we're successful). … Learn more

Our Story

Very early on at Preston Trail, we started using the phrase “no perfect people allowed.” We seek to create environments at Preston Trail where people experience the love of Jesus. Ultimately, that means if we don’t have people here with checkered pasts, if we don't have people who are in the party crowd or people eaten up with prejudice and anger or politically over-ambitious people--in other words, if we aren't attracting the kind of people Jesus drew, we’re not doing our job. … Learn more