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Connect with a Group

To find community, growth and help

Our whole church is designed to make it easy for people to belong in meaningful ways. If you come to Preston Trail, you belong here! One of the best ways to find a sense of belonging is by connecting with a group to find community, growth and help.

Group Connect

If you're interested in finding a group, start by attending the next Group Connect. We've designed Group Connect to provide a smooth "on ramp" to finding the connect group that's right for you.

Current Group Connect Schedule

Group Finder

If you don't want to wait for the next Group Connect, we invite you to browse through our Group Finder to locate a connect group. You'll find groups sorted by category, geographic region, and day and time of meeting. Submit an email to the group leader letting them know you're interested, and they'll respond within five days.

Find a Group

If you'd like to speak to someone about connect groups, stop by our Info Center any weekend either before or after the service. Someone there would love to answer your questions and help you take a next step toward connecting with a group!