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Preston Trail Student Ministry wants to equip you and partner with you to encourage your student to take their next right step of faith. It is our ultimate hope that students will have a relationship with Christ and become disciple-making disciples.

We invite you to check out our student environments at any time – parents are always welcome! Also, take a moment to connect with us to stay up to date with what's happening in PTSM.

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  • Instagram: @thePTSM
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We are so excited to welcome new students into our community at Preston Trail. We recognize this is a significant and sometimes intimidating step for them, and we want both you and your student to be well informed, understanding how to maximize the middle school and high school years at Preston Trail. With that in mind, we offer regular opportunities for parents to learn more about PTSM.

To better understand our mission and vision, we encourage you to watch the "Us" series.

US Message Series