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Over the 40 weeks of residency, the leadership training curriculum will be unpacked during a weekly training meeting from 12:30-4:30 every Tuesday. There we’ll focus on:

  • Self Leadership:
    • Spiritual Health, Relational Health, Emotional/Mental/Physical Health
  • Thought Leadership:
    • Scripture, Theology, Apologetics/Worldview
  • Church Leadership:
    • Preston Trail Thumbprint, Replication/Multiplication, Pastoral issues & practice
  • Organizational Leadership:
    • Mentorship, Leading from the second seat, Apprenticeship
  • Applied Leadership:
    • Each representative from a ministry will be with the residency class instructing and leading practical sessions on ministry practice.

In addition to the lecture-style classes there will be guest speakers, podcasts, book studies/reviews and creative presentation through various media.