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At Preston Trail, we care a great deal about children and their families. We provide God-centered, interactive, fun and safe environments where children can learn about Jesus and apply the gospel in a way that is relevant to their lives and development.

Our Early Childhood and Kids environments offer interactive learning for your child to build relationships and love Jesus. We believe parents are the primary nurturers of their child’s spiritual development, and we take our responsibility to heart in partnering with families on a journey of teaching children how to find and follow Jesus Christ. It will be a meaningful, fun-filled journey for you and your child!

Early Childhood at Preston Trail exists to give young children a first impression of their loving, Heavenly Father in such a way that it creates a lasting impression in the heart of a child.

TrailKids Early Childhood

TrailKids from Kindergarten through 5th grade come to learn about God and the Bible in a fun, high-energy way that keeps them coming back week after week!

TrailKids Elementary