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Equip Course Details

Each course is designed around:

  • Biblical Foundation - Every class will use the Bible as the primary source for learning and application.
  • Experienced Instruction - EQUIP instructors have years of experience teaching and serving in the local church.
  • Peer Interaction - Courses are designed for students to build community through interactions online and in class that will enrich their learning experience.
  • Individual Application - Students complete assignments and choose a final project that reflects their individual learning style and personal interests.
  • Critical Thinking - Every class will challenge the learner to evaluate learning and leadership through the lens of Scripture.


  • BI100: Introduction to the Bible - This course is designed to teach the student about the origins, inspiration, and authority of Scripture, as well as the foundational elements of biblical study and interpretation.
  • OT100: Old Testament - This course covers the overarching story of the Old Testament as well as explores the individual stories captured within the books of Law, the histories of the people of ancient Israel, the books of songs and wisdom, and the major and minor prophets.
  • NT100: New Testament (Gospels) - This course examines the 400 years between the testaments as well as the general storyline of the life and work of Jesus Christ. Students will study the shared and the unique characteristics of each Gospel account.
  • NT200: New Testament (Acts, Letters, Revelation) - This course covers the remaining New Testament story concerning the birth and growth of the Church and the promises to come when Christ finally returns.
  • TH100: Christian Theology - This course examines basic Christian beliefs including a detailed study of the Trinity, the human condition, salvation, the nature of the Church, and the end of time.
  • CH100: Church History - This course follows the journey of the Church and its teachings from its fledgling start through medieval, Reformation, enlightenment, modern and, now, post-modern times.


  • CL100: The Well-Led Church - This course reveals how the best leadership skills for the church and world can be found first within the pages of Scripture. Students will focus on biblical, church, and organizational leadership, as well as communication skills for teaching and preaching.
  • CL200: The Sent Church - This panoramic course focuses on evangelism (sharing the faith), apologetics (defending the faith), the philosophy of local and global missions, as well as the distinctions between many of the world’s major religions.
  • CL300: The Discipled Church - This course will define the processes involved with spiritual formation and development, and also will dive into the biblical basis for moral decision-making.
  • CL400: The Healthy Church - This course is an in-depth look at establishing healthy boundaries within various relationships and caring for others in times of celebration and crisis. It will also explore spiritual gifts and how they relate to an individual’s “calling.”