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Equip...preparing God’s people to do God’s work (Eph 4:12)

What is Equip?

Equip is a two-year educational program designed to grow your biblical, theological and leadership knowledge so that you may be prepared to do God’s work and build up the church.

Equip is designed for any adult who wants to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of, and appreciation for, the Bible
  • Enhance your leadership abilities inside and outside the church
  • Change your life, your home, and your community as you live out a vibrant life with Jesus
  • Be more confident as you share your faith with others
  • Go further in your faith than you thought possible

Interested in learning more?

We would love to know a little bit about who you are and what you are hoping to gain from the Equip program. We would also like to make sure we clearly explain the program and classwork expectations. With that in mind, please fill out the following application.

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