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Although it is difficult to grasp in our affluent North Texas communities, every person is born into poverty. Regardless of our bank balance or our Zip code, we are lacking. The foundational message of the gospel is simply this: sin has caused brokenness and need, but God has met that need in Jesus. That is why Preston Trail Community Church seeks to follow the example of Jesus by engaging our world to meet the needs of spiritually, relationally and resource-impoverished people.

Spiritual poverty: People who live in spiritual poverty have a lack of understanding about the good news of Jesus. Whether they have never heard the gospel or it has been misrepresented to them in the past, those in spiritual poverty exist in the most profoundly impoverished state. Spiritual poverty means separation from God.

Relational poverty: We were created to live in right relationship with God and others. People who live in relational poverty exist without healthy community, meaningful fellowship or significant support. Relational poverty means a lack of significant, healthy relationships with other people.

Resource poverty: People who live in resource poverty are lacking material needs such as food, clean water, shelter, clothing or access to healthcare. Resource poverty means deprivation from life’s basic necessities.

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