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How to Read the Bible

Paul Basden •

One of the reasons the Bible often sits unopened is because it's difficult to read. Senior Pastor Paul Basden shares some important and practical tools that will equip you to read the Bible for yourself.

While there is no "right" translation of the Bible, we hope this Bible translation guide will help you select a translation that is most effective in communicating the truth of scripture to you, whether you prefer word-for-word or thought-for-thought. Our pastors typically preach from the NIV or NLT versions, because they feel these versions offer the best combination of word for word accuracy and readability. If you would like to browse through a few different translations we invite you to stop by The Bookstore at Preston Trail before our after one of our weekend services. You may also find a helpful comparison showing how various translations render the same verse on Mardel's website.

The Preston Trail Bookstore

The YouVersion app contains the whole Bible in hundreds of languages and translations. If you prefer to access the Bible on your web-enabled mobile device, download the YouVersion app. In addition to reading the Bible, YouVersion allows you to listen to it, watch videos related to it and share it via social media. Through YouVersion Live you may also access Preston Trail's weekly services, find message notes, link to our website and more.

YouVersion (

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Bible DIY
DIY has become a cultural craze, and it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s a major renovation or a simple handmade gift, there’s great freedom and satisfaction that comes from being able to “do it yourself.” But as we watch skilled...

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One Thing Remains

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Great Are You Lord

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You Make Me Brave

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Like an Avalanche

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