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God's Big Story

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Chapter 5: God Saves

Paul Basden •

Through the birth, life and death of Jesus, God reveals the heart behind his Big Story. Just as God promised Abraham so many centuries ago, Jesus comes not only to bless the children of Israel, but to bless all nations through his sacrificial death.

God Saves

Day 1: Matthew 5-7

Day 2: Luke 15

Day 3: John 13 & 14

Day 4: John 15 & 16

Day 5: Acts 1 & 2

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God's Big Story
Our past and future are framed within an epic story of creation, fall and redemption. It is God’s Big Story--the story of his love and grace displayed in the lives of real people. But this story isn’t ancient history. God’s big story goes on,...

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Let it Be Known

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