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It's Complicated

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Because I can't fake it

Paul Basden •

When relationships get real, they get complicated, because I can't fake it. Romans 12:9-10 reveals the truth that I've got to be willing to do the hard work of love.

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It's Complicated
Relationships eventually get crossways, whether you're dealing with someone you love or someone you loathe. Getting along with people is just plain hard. Sure, they've got their flaws, but if we're honest, we're not quite perfect either. it's...

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Love Goes On

© 2002 New Spring
CCLI # 4002312

Love Knows No End

© D Soul Music, 9t One Songs, Ariose Music, and Word Music, LLC CCLI # 7006160

Good Good Father

© 2014 Housefires. Barrett Daddy Music (ASCAP) and Lion DensCCLI # 5

Great Are You Lord

© 2012 Open Hands Music, Sony/ATV Timber Publishing, Integrity's Praise! Music, and Integrity's Alleluia! Music * Preston Trail Worship CD Volume 2CCLI # 6460220