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Water & Wine

God knows we’re forgetful—that’s why he gave us two tangible reminders of what’s most important. Through water and wine we remember Jesus’ death, and the new life he gives us.

We humans are forgetful by nature. We forget to turn off the lights, we forget to take out the trash, and wait a minute: Why did I walk into this room? Oh yeah—because I forgot where I left my phone. That’s why we set reminders and alerts, prompts and clues for the things we most need to remember. Now if we know we’re forgetful, certainly God knows it, too. That’s why he gave us two tangible, physical reminders of what he thinks is most important. Through Baptism and Communion, we are reminded of the new life we are granted through Jesus’ death. Join us for this two-week series as we examine these deeply meaningful acts instituted by Jesus, and the significance they still hold for our lives today.

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