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Revelation: It’s Not So Scary After All

Revelation is one of the Bible's most misunderstood books--but it turns out it's not so scary after all.

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible, and the hardest to understand. Some Christians read it as a warning against being "left behind." For others, it’s little more than a book of doomsday prophesy. Many ignore it altogether. But it turns out Revelation is one of the greatest books of the Bible, because it’s all about Jesus and his ultimate victory. If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the state of our world or worried about how it’s all going to end, join us for this new series. We’ll dive into one of the Bible’s most misunderstood books and discover that Revelation is not so scary after all.

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Jesus Makes All Things New

Paul Basden •

Jesus Wins in the End

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Jesus is Worthy

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Jesus is Always With Us

Colby Engstrum •

It’s All About Jesus

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