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It's Complicated

Relationships eventually get crossways, whether you're dealing with someone you love or someone you loathe. Getting along with people is just plain hard. Sure, they've got their flaws, but if we're honest, we're not quite perfect either. it's complicated. So why do we even bother? It's because when a relationship is great, there's nothing in life that's more encouraging, more fulfilling or more rewarding. We all want those kinds of relationships. But are they even possible? And if so, how do we get them? In this series, we turn to the New Testament book of Romans to learn the secrets to getting along. Sure, it's complicated. But it doesn't have to be.

Messages in series

Because you're out to get me

Jim Johnson •

Because it's hard to get over myself

Paul Basden •

Because it's a lot of work

Jim Johnson •

Because I can't fake it

Paul Basden •

Because we're kind of different

Jim Johnson •

Because it's bigger than you and me

Paul Basden •