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Compelled by Love

There are many reasons we do the things we do each day. Sometimes, we’re compelled by obligation. At other times, by law. Perhaps we’re driven by need, greed, anger or desire.

But then there are times in life when we arrive at a crossroads. We glimpse a grander vision for the future, and our present reality takes on a whole new urgency. Our hearts are stirred, our minds are captivated, and we can’t help but take action. These are the moments when movements are born, when perspectives shift, and when our world is forever changed. In these moments we are compelled by the greatest force of all: We are compelled by love. Join us for this five-week message series as we explore how the love of Christ transforms your whole life--and the world around you--as you are compelled to pray, to invite, to give and to go.

Messages in series

Compelled to Pray

Paul Basden •

Compelled by Love

Jim Johnson •