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Bingewatching has become the new American pastime. But what are we learning from what we love to binge?

We’ve all been there—we sit down to watch something on our favorite streaming platform, and before we know it we’ve blown through half a season . . . or more. These shows have an amazing ability to captivate our attention through the power of storytelling. But what are we learning from the stories we’re bingeing? Join us for this new message series as we look at four shows America loves to binge-watch. We’re not approaching these shows as media critics or morality police, but instead as followers of Jesus. We’ll talk about the truth that lies within each of these fictional stories and discover how the gospel speaks into the lives and situations of the stories we most love to binge.

Messages in series

The Crown

Jim Johnson •

This is Us

Jim Johnson •

The Good Place

Allison Harrell •

Friday Night Lights

Jim Johnson •