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Bible DIY

DIY has become a cultural craze, and it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s a major renovation or a simple handmade gift, there’s great freedom and satisfaction that comes from being able to “do it yourself.” But as we watch skilled do-it-yourselfers in action, it can be easy to forget a very important truth: they weren’t born that way. Someone had to teach them and equip them. Did you know the same is true when it comes to the Bible? There is perhaps no more important resource for life transformation, but if we’re dependent on others to read the Bible for us, we’re missing out on much of the freedom and blessing that it offers. If the Bible seems complicated or confusing, there’s a good chance you’ve never been equipped to understand it. During this four-week message series, we want to give you the tools and the know-how to become a confident Bible DIY-er. You can do it. We can help!

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