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5 Prayers That Will Rock Your World

We’ve been warned as long as we can remember: Be careful! Avoid risk. Make a plan, and leave nothing to chance. Is it any wonder we so often look around and find a life that’s lacking adventure? ​Here’s the good news: the road to a free and fulfilled life with God isn’t paved with boredom.

We’re called to live an adventurous life—and it starts by praying adventurous prayers. Here at Preston Trail, we’re preparing for a new adventure called The Next 15. We’re compelled to take the good news of Jesus to our world in new ways over the next 15 years, believing new stories in new places are waiting to be written. We invite you to discover your own adventure and join us as we look at five prayers that can propel you from the same old, same old to something far better than you could ask or imagine.

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