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You are the key to making High Def happen! More than 100 serving team members work (and play) together to create a fun and inspiring event that communicates Christ’s love to students. Join us and be part of a student’s faith story!

Serving Application

There are many opportunities to serve before and during High Def Weekend:

  • Host Homes provide housing and two meals for students (Friday evening and all-day Saturday commitment).
  • Co-hosts assist hosts and small group leaders (Friday evening and all-day Saturday commitment).
  • Small Group Leaders hang out, have fun and shepherd students (Friday evening and all-day Saturday commitment).
  • Drivers safely drive students to and from church, host homes and community activities (Friday evening and all-day Saturday commitment is preferred).
  • Yell Leaders are enthusiastic young adults who aren’t afraid to be on stage, get a little messy and help others have fun--even if it means they have to do something silly or gross (Friday evening and all-day Saturday commitment).
  • Lunch team members help set up and serve lunch (Saturday mid-day commitment).
  • Rec team members ensure that students have fun and stay safe during recreation time (Friday evening and Saturday time slots).
  • Build team members construct set elements leading up to the weekend.
  • Planning team takes responsibility for helping to move event planning forward each week.
  • Registration & admin team handles event details and tasks during the weeks leading up to High Def.
  • Video/Photography team takes photos and videos during the weekend. Assistance is also needed processing photos and videos after the event.