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For 6th - 12th Grade Students

February 15-16, 2019

What if there is more to life than “likes” and “follows,” class rank and GPA, wins and losses?

What if you could live life in HIGH DEF, knowing you are loved as you are, with authentic friendships and a unique purpose that will impact your world?

At HIGH DEF, PTSM’s annual student conference, learn how you can live and lead others to a life that is bigger and brighter than the status quo by embracing Jesus.


High Def Weekend Specifics

  • During High Def, students will participate in large group sessions, breakouts and activities at Preston Trail, and then move offsite for unique, small group activities.
  • Students will be assigned to an overnight host home and share in activities with a small group focus. Throughout small group times, environments will be created to allow students to dig deeper into God’s Word and provide an opportunity to talk through ways to implement what they learn. The small group/host home format maximizes opportunities for students to build strong relationships.