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February 24-26, 2017

3D Life in a 2D World

Live life in 3D! Middle school and high school students, join us for a weekend of outrageous fun as we embrace life in high def! We'll move past the superficial as we play hard, hang out, and discover how embracing Jesus leads to life at a higher dimension.


PTSM has historically marked February’s end with an exciting and inspiring weekend. In the past it was BDUB. This year it’s High Def. High Def is a super fun and inspiring in-town retreat that will provide teens the time and space in their life to connect with God and each other. This year, our team has prayerfully and strategically designed High Def to maximize personal connection through small group activities and host home lodging.

3D Life in a 2D World is this year’s theme. Society promotes a 2D lifestyle where success is measured in fame, fortune and power. High Def will expose teens to a more fulfilling life--3D life--where their life can achieve eternal impact.

Registration is limited to 300 students. Register early!


High Def Weekend Specifics

• During High Def, students will participate in large group sessions, breakouts and activities at Preston Trail, and them move offsite for unique, small group activities.

• Students will be assigned to an overnight host home and share in small group focused activities. Throughout small group times, environments will be created to allow students to dig deeper into God’s Word and provide an opportunity to talk through ways to implement what they learn. The small group/host home format maximizes opportunities for students to build strong relationships.

• Students will experience a compelling opportunity to turn what they are learning into action with an organized Engage activity.

Model the 3D Life for your teen – join the High Def Team!

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