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The act of showing reverence and adoration


The act of showing reverence and adoration

What is worship?

More than music or singing, worship is giving your heart's affection, your mind's attention and your intentional effort to something. It's possible to worship anything--a job, a new house, an achievement or even another person. We worship that which we value most.

When we gather on the weekend at Preston Trail, we remind ourselves that God has ultimate value and worth in our lives. He is most worthy of worship!

Worship experience

It's hard to know what to expect when you walk through the doors of an unfamiliar church. Because religious expression can be so vastly different even among Bible-believing churches, we want to give you insight into what you'll experience at Preston Trail.

We sing. We usually sing three or four songs that help us celebrate and focus on God. We use multiple musical styles, from songs you hear on the radio to hymns and original worship songs we’ve written, all with the goal of helping you encounter Jesus.

We pray. At different times in the service, a pastor will speak a prayer. We invite you to pray along silently as you are comfortable. We also have a trained prayer team available to pray with you at all our services.

We learn. Messages are based on the Bible, have real-life application, and last about 35 minutes.

We embrace technology. We believe lighting, video and technology are all helpful tools to enhance our worship experience.

We enjoy creativity. We believe our creative God is honored when our services reflect his creativity.

We love story. We love to celebrate the stories of life change that happen as God moves in our community.

We celebrate baptism and share communion together on a regular basis.

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Preston Trail Worship CD is a collection of songs we sing during our weekend services.

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Interested in joining our team?

We have many opportunities to serve as part of our worship team in our TrailKids elementary environments, in Preston Trail Student Ministry, or in our adult environment on the weekends.

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