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Casa Hogar Elim is a privately run orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. This children’s home began in 1986, when “Mama Lupita” opened her home to four abandoned children. She quickly expanded her reach and grew to housing many more, currently housing approximately 65 children with ages ranging from toddlers to 25 years old. These children are not available for adoption, as many of the children have a living parent or relative who simply cannot care for them. Mama Lupita has turned Casa Hogar into a ministry, teaching the children about the love of the Lord and helping them grow in a relationship with him.

Casa Hogar Elim is solely funded through private donations, including a financial and relational partnership with Preston Trail for over ten years. Thank you for committing to pray for this ministry, and may the Lord hear and answer our collective prayers.

If you feel inclined to help support Casa Hogar Elim financially or have questions about this ministry, please email us.

Pray for the health & safety of the Casa Hogar kids and caregivers.

  • Protection for the kids and caregivers to stay healthy, avoid sickness and accidents
  • Access to nutritious food and the desire to make healthy food choices
  • Provision for necessary health care when they may not know if it’s possible
  • Protection from all forms of harm, especially crime and violence

Discuss as a family: Health care and a supportive family are often things that we take for granted, but not everyone gets the medical care they need or has a family to make it better. Share about the last time you were sick, and who took care of you. What would it be like to not have anyone to take care of your needs or get your medicine when you’re sick?

Pray for provision of financial support that Casa Hogar needs to keep its ministry running

  • long-term, committed financial supporters
  • funds to support their monthly expenses
  • funds to pay for technology and supplies to grow their Learning Center
  • financial support above and beyond what they need to truly bless them

Take the challenge: People around the world who live in poverty often only get to eat one meal per day, and it may be a very simple and cheap meal. Pick a day this week to eat a simple meal of only beans and rice together as a family. Over dinner, talk about what it would be like to eat this meal every day.

Pray for each child to have a promising future

  • children to receive a quality education
  • children with learning difficulties or physical disabilities to be provided with specialized resources and care
  • teens to desire to continue with university or vocational skills training

Take the challenge: Use your words to help encourage others! Write a note or draw a picture for the children at Casa Hogar. Tell them you are praying for them all the way from Frisco, Texas! Bring the note or picture to the TrailKids or PTSM desk next week, and our team will deliver it on their next trip!

Pray for the children of Casa Hogar to find and follow Jesus Christ

  • for the children to accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives
  • for the children to grow in knowledge and love of the Lord
  • for the caregivers and leaders to reflect God’s love to these kids

Discuss as a family: Everyone’s story is different and uniquely important. God cares about each one of our stories! Share with your family how you decided to follow Jesus, and where your faith is today. Who is someone who helped shape your faith? Write that person a thank you text or note now!

Pray for the future of Casa Hogar

  • for vision and wisdom for Mama Lupita and her leadership team as they transition to a family-centered care model
  • for families to be restored and children able to return to their parents/relatives
  • for Preston Trail to continue to provide the best possible support to Casa Hogar

Take the challenge: Space and privacy in an orphanage are rare or nonexistent. Pick a night this week where your whole family sleeps in the same room and gets ready in the same bathroom. How does it feel to be confined to a smaller space? How would you feel if you never had privacy but were constantly surrounded by other people, and didn’t even have a “home” of your own?