Donate blood, help families find school clothes for kids, sort and package hygiene products for school-aged children, and provide support through resources and relationships to those overcoming addiction.

Support veterans and families of the incarcerated, and provide companionship and activities nursing home residents.

Teach music, drama and art classes, in addition to supporting local art exhibits and seasonal events.

Join us in praying for partners for this cause.
Join the community in keeping area parks and streets clean.

Join us in praying for partners for this cause.
Either serve students by mentoring one hour a week in a safe and nurturing environment, or support school staff and parents by providing notes and gifts of encouragement, showing up at school-wide events and assisting the PTA.

Advocate on behalf of refugees and immigrants, mentor new families, assist them in setting up their homes, teach language and job-hunting skills, as well as basic orientation.

Join local response teams, support local law enforcement, distribute meals and assist in home repairs.

Support local government and community events, as well as develop ways to build relationships with those in our neighborhoods.

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