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One Day Can Change Your Life

by Paul Basden

“What a Difference a Day Makes” is a jazz standard. The song talks about how meeting one person on one day can change your life forever. The words are syrupy and sentimental, but the point is well taken – we all remember days that changed our lives. For example, I remember …

  •  The day Denise and I first met (on a Boeing 747 over the Pacific Ocean – she was not impressed …)
  • The day I proposed and she accepted (clearly, she had no better offers)
  • The day we got married (a Texas dust storm turned the December sky yellow – was that a warning sign from God to Denise to reconsider my proposal???)
  • The day we celebrated our 5th anniversary … and 10th … and 20th … and 25th … (the girl has learned how to persevere!)
  • Indeed, one day can change your life.

    That’s what Easter is all about. It’s one day that can change your life.

    Easter celebrates God’s victory over death and evil and hate. Jesus was the only truly good man who ever lived, yet the people of his day killed him for no good reason. On a dark Friday in 30 AD his enemies crucified him publicly, his friends buried him privately, and it looked like evil had won the day.

    But God had something up His sleeve. Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, the unthinkable happened: God raised Jesus back to life. A corpse sat up. A dead man walked. God was reversing the curse of evil and sin. He was bringing something good out of something horrible. He was displaying His power over death. He was being God.

    This Sunday we will join Christians around the world to celebrate what God did on the first Easter. We will sing praises to the One who raised Jesus from the dead. We will give thanks that He defeated the power of death. We will listen to the Good News that those who follow Christ no longer have to fear death but will one day triumph over it.

    Easter is a day that can change your life. It changed mine. I lost my father to an early death when I was just 13. Then Denise and I lost a son at birth when we were in our 20s. Apart from Christ I would wonder about the fate of those two … and would fear that my relationship with them was over forever. But because of Easter I know that both Dad and Jason are in God’s presence now. And I trust that I will be reunited with them when I die.

    If you need comfort for life’s losses … or grace for life’s mistakes … or hope for life beyond death, Easter is a day that can change your life. Because Easter is all about Jesus, the great life-changer of all time.

    Join us this Sunday at PRESTON TRAIL as we celebrate Easter. We will gather for Dude Ranch at 10 AM and for worship at 11 AM. Come with an open heart, and with a friend on your arm. It might be the day you’ve both been waiting for.

    Paul Basden,

    Senior Pastor