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Living the Lord's Prayer

by Paul Basden

The most famous prayer in the world is the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. It is a shorthand way to pray for the most important things in God’s eyes: God’s glory, God’s will, our material needs, our forgiveness, and our protection from evil.

Two of the petitions in the Prayer are on my mind today. They are “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

These two requests put God’s purposes in this world front and center. As Rick Warren says in his #1 bestseller The Purpose Driven Life, “It’s not about you.” It’s all about God.

To pray for God’s Kingdom to come and God’s will to be done is to change my prayer-focus from me to God. It is to ask that His purposes might be done in my life and in this world. To be honest, this is not how I often pray. Frequently I just tell God what I want to do, then ask Him to bless it. But that misses the point.

According to the Bible, God’s will is for all people to come to know Him personally and have eternal life. The Bible also tells us that God’s Kingdom is God’s rule in this world, in the lives of people who are fully yielded to Him.

So … when we pray for God’s Kingdom and will, we are really putting ourselves at God’s disposal in all areas of life. We are asking Him to rule our minutes and days so that we are doing His will at every turn.

There are several ways this prayer impacts PRESTON TRAIL right now:

1) On a worldwide level … five of your fellow-PRESTON TRAILers will spend the next 11 days in Indonesia on a needs assessment mission. I am one of them. The other four are John and Jeri Taylor, Ron Beaty, and our leader Bill O’Brien. Pray that we will be able to discern the most obvious needs there, so that our church and other churches in Frisco can respond generously in the name of Christ. It is clearly God’s will for Muslims in Indonesia to see God’s love in our actions and to find new life in Christ. Pray to that end.

2) On a church-wide level, we just experienced a dynamic baptism celebration in which we listened to 17 folks share how they are fully committing their lives to Jesus as Lord. Talk about God’s Kingdom coming on earth as in heaven …! Pray that we will see many new people come to Christ.

3) On a personal level, one of our staff members senses that God is leading her to serve in another setting than at PRESTON TRAIL. Amy Harlan has recently shared with our staff that she believes God is calling her to move back to Birmingham to join a theatre ministry company devoted to youth and children’s ministry. Her goal now is the same as when she joined our staff a year ago: to follow God’s will for her life. Amy’s last Sunday with us will be May 29. Be sure to pray for her new work, and tell her how much you appreciate her!

I challenge you right now to re-pray these two requests from the Lord’s Prayer. They will take your eyes off your own desires and align you with God’s desires … which are always best for you in the long run anyway.

Still learning to pray,

Paul Basden

Senior Pastor