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Trail Notes

We did it!

by Jim Johnson

It only took us three years, but the Johnsons finally got around to it. What is “it?” Yesterday we cleaned out and organized our garage. You can only procrastinate doing some things so long . . . and it had been long enough! We went through almost every box, stacked and ordered our stuff, and made room for two cars! That’s really not all that impressive, though, considering we have a three car garage.

But, I was surprised by something. It was a remarkably fun and meaningful experience. Whoa! Did I just write that? Fun and meaningful? Well, yes, and let me explain. Going through all our keepsake boxes was a profound spark for remembrance. A Mother’s Day letter from my mom, birth pictures of our boys, and their early attempts at poetry, all punched holes in the dykes of our memories and they just started flowing. A lot of laughs and a few tears ensued as we lovingly repacked them. And, we quietly vowed to ourselves to hold on to those reclaimed memories a little tighter in the future.

As I reflect back on that experience I realize how similar cleaning a garage is to celebrating the dawn of a New Year. Wait, I know what you’re thinking; “those preacher types can sure force their analogies sometimes!” But, hear me out. As I put my head down on the pillow last night several things dawned on me—How faithful God had been through the years, how quickly time passes, and how good it feels to accomplish something and make some progress (even if it is something as mundane as cleaning out the garage).

As I continued to spin these things around in my cerebral cortex it became clear to me that those little revelations might be helpful in reflecting back over 2004 and looking forward to 2005. Here’s the short version. Take some time over the next few days to remember how God has been faithful to you in the past twelve months. When did you feel closest to Him? When did you need Him the most? How did He work all things for your good? Next, feel how fast the year flew by. Let the speed of time remind you to make the most of it. Get to know God. Embrace your marriage. Watch your kids grow up—closely.

Finally, decide to do something of eternal significance this year. Make some progress. Help build His kingdom. Love a neighbor. Begin to use your spiritual gifts. Start a ministry. Join a Serving Team at PRESTON TRAIL. Take care of someone who is in trouble. Tell someone about Christ’s love.

Last night when everything was in its place, I drove both our cars into the garage, put down the door, and went inside and collapsed! But, I felt good and I slept like a baby. Something tells me that if we live with an eye on God’s faithfulness, a keen sense of the brevity of our time, and a persevering commitment to do something meaningful with our lives, next year we’ll feel much better and our sleeping habits will vastly improve!

Before I sign off let me remind you that you can get a good start on the New Year by joining us this Sunday morning at 11:00 at the theater. Dude Ranch and Round Up will be on break one more week, but Cowpoke Corral will be open for our preschoolers. Grade schoolers will join us for worship. This will be the perfect occasion to introduce your older children to what we do in worship every Sunday. Paul will bring a challenging message which will encourage us to make a small change in our lives that will have a big impact. Don’t miss it!

One last reminder on year end giving. If you want to get tax credit for your contributions to PRESTON TRAIL they need to be postmarked no later than December 31. The church’s mailing address is P.O. Box 490, Frisco, Texas 75034.

Looking forward to our best year yet!

Jim Johnson