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Watch out for Holiday Debt!

by Paul Basden

A front-page article in last week’s Dallas Morning News caught my eye. It was about Holiday Debt – how we get into it and how we can avoid it. The solutions were really pretty simple: make a budget for gifts, spend cash rather than charge purchases, don’t indulge in impulse buying, etc. Things we’ve all heard before. But when it comes to shopping at Christmas, reason usually takes a backseat to feelings. It’s too easy to spend more than we should, only to find ourselves in January wishing we hadn’t.I have two words of wisdom for you about money this Christmas:

Try to let reason guide you more than feelings. Love for family is a wonderful feeling, but it can easily make you forget what your bank balance says. Everyone has financial limits – even you. See if you can set a reasonable goal for spending this year. A few weeks later you may congratulate yourself!

Get ready for the new series of messages Jim and I will be bringing in January called “Money Talks.” Our goal is to help you understand and use money according to God’s eternal principles. If you do that, you will get out of debt, increase your savings, and give more to God’s work. Which I’m guessing resonates in the hearts of many of you.

So spend wisely this month, then come learn more about a biblical view of money in our weekend services beginning January 9, 2005.In closing, let me ask you to include in your “Gift List” this year your church: PRESTON TRAIL. We are taking a Next Step Offering that will help our chuch meet two crucial needs: 80% will go to our land fund, and 20% will go to establish a reserve fund as we enter 2005. You can give your gift this Sunday or mail it to the church at: PO Box 490, Frisco, TX, 75034.Have a great week, and I’ll see you Sunday at 11 for “Christmas at the Ranch!”

Paul Basden,

Senior Pastor

PS – Speaking of this Sunday, “Christmas at the Ranch” begins at 11 AM in Theatre 17. It will be a meaningful morning of laughter, singing, and reflecting on Jesus’ birth into our world. There will be no Dude Ranch or RoundUp or House Party this Sunday. (And there will be no services at all on Dec 26. Enjoy that day worshiping with family or friends.)