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Here Come the Holidays

by Paul Basden

“News flash: There are only 44 more shopping days left until Christmas.”

YIKES! Halloween candy wrappers are still lying around your house, you haven’t finalized your Thanksgiving menu yet (turkey or ham or both?), and people are already talking about Christmas?

Welcome to the annual extravaganza that we Americans simply call “The Holidays.” Sometimes referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year,” it’s also the time when we eat nonstop for six weeks, when we see the weird cousins we manage to avoid the rest of the year, when we try to cram too much activity into too little time, and when we go into debt to buy gifts for people who probably don’t need a thing.

Sounds more like a case of indigestion than “the most wonderful time of the year” …

Whatever you think about “the holidays,” they are upon us. And we want to help you enjoy them more than ever before. Here’s what we’ve got planned.

Beginning this Sunday, Jim Johnson and I will be starting a new series of messages entitled “Here Come the Holidays.” Our aim is to prepare you for the craziness of the next five weeks, so you can make choices that you won’t live to regret!

Here’s the rundown on the messages:

November 14 “Here Come the Holy Days” (How to celebrate the goodness of life)

November 21 “Here Comes Turkey Day” (How to live out of gratitude)

November 28 “Here Comes XMAS” (How to de-secularize and de-commercialize Christmas)

December 5 “Here Come the Expectations” (How to “right-size” your hopes for the holidays)

December 12 “Here Come the Relatives” (How to get along with you-know-who!)

There may be only 44 days left until Christmas, but you can make the most of each one of them. Join us the next five weeks for meaningful messages that will help you navigate the nuttiness of “the holidays.” And be sure to invite someone to come with you – they need it as much as you do!

Happy holidays!

Paul Basden

Senior Pastor (1 of 2)